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Mel Bala – The Voice That Gives Perspective To Reason

For nearly 3 decades, Mel Bala has built a career enriched with experience from tv and radio broadcasting.

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Mel Bala: The Voice That Gives Perspective to Reason

On a Tuesday morning characterized by a Johannesburg chill that cut through all sense of comfort, Mel Bala sat curled up in the corner of a bedroom couch in the Presidential Suite…

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The Homecoming of Emancipation

If you want to be BALLIN, you have to BE-ALL-IN. That’s according to celebrity trainer and wellness guru, Corey Calliet, whose training philosophy is founded on the premise of…

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South Africa’s Liberation Narrated Through Film

History is a clock that people use to tell their political and cultural time of day. ~ John Henrik Clarke.

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Clinique iD – Shaping the Skin Journey Story Worth Screen-Time Enjoyment.

There’s nothing quite like a great story. Be it a bio-pic screenplay for a film, a best-selling fictional book series or the character development of a dark horse in a television…

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A Montblanc Preview into the Colourful Experience of Black & White

It is said that the most colorful thing in the world is black and white because it contains all colors and at the same time excludes all.

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Larona Moagi – Young Hungry & Talented

Actress Larona Moagi is the actress every casting agent should want to claim to say “I spotted her!”. Bold, intentional and precise in her pursuit to pursue acting as a career,…

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Jessica Nkosi – The liberating power of a woman in transition.

Actress Jessica Nkosi is a woman in transition whose liberation speaks to more than what one would expect as she explores the various roles life has called her to take on.

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Jessica Nkosi – The liberating power of a woman in transition

Take yourself back to the [old-school] days when the December holidays had the cloud of matric results looming over them.

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#MeToo Today – How Far Have We Come?

Two years ago, the hashtag #MeToo went viral, exploding onto timelines across the world when high profile women from Hollywood came out with stories of abuse at the hands of…

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